Hermes Poll Dorsets committed to breeding excellence.

Our breeding philosophy is set on the foundation of producing animals that are ideal for the commercial market.

The breeding programme is solidly built on three essential elements Conformation, Performance and Specification.

Conformation: In producing animals that are suited to the environment in which they are bred. Have the ability to function, move and thrive in a wide range of climatic conditions to be hardy and self sufficient.

Performance: to meet the requirements of lamb producers in a wide range of production systems. To be at the leading edge of performance for all terminal sire breeds.

Specification: To meet the requirements of processors in a wide range of markets. By maximising meat carried on a carcass and having optimal shaped muscling, while retaining optimal eating qualities.

Our breeding programme has successfully promoted growth and muscling, while preventing the animals from becoming too lean to maintain finishing ability and eating quality.  The breeding programme aims to develop rams that will allow prime lamb producers to maximise marketing opportunities with merino or crossbred flocks. The breeding programme is a dynamic process and requires constant attention. Recently we are paying close attention to keeping BWT in check (below 0.5 as optimal) and restraining leanness so as to capture intra-muscular fat, to maintain the highest eating quality attributes. Each year we build on growth at Weaning and Post Weaning stages in the animal’s growth curve while maintaining carcass quality and moderate Birth Weight.

The stud withdrew from showing sheep in 1999 to concentrate on the commercial viability of its breeding program using Lambplan as a tool to measure and to direct the breeding programme and aligning the programme with meat processors such as Crystal Springs.